Tesla Coil Kit

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Tesla Coil Kit

Tesla coil ingenious design is perfect for doing remote transmission tests. Simply hook up your Tesla loop to anything that can play music and it will auto-magically turn the signal into music. It makes the light bulbs in the flat brighter, without touching them or doing anything. For kids or adults, it seems currently pretty special.

Tesla coil now offers better sound quality and comes with hardware that prevents high voltage. Along with this new design, the product will now have a longer life span and an improved sound quality.

All our Tesla coil kits are simple to use and work. They’re safe and won’t cause harm. Without a good reason to introduce a ground wire, it can simply be used straightforwardly, there is no need to interface various forces, and it can be connected to the attachment 220V. This is a lamp that can stretch and twist in different directions. It also supports music, and the length can be changed voluntarily, up to 20cm or more. As the mood of the music changes, the shape of the wave also changes. You can play this type of music without any difficulties and you can change various curve sizes for different beats. The volume is quite small and the sound is clear, so it’s great for carrying around. People don’t need to worry about noise bothering them.

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