Toyan Engine

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Toyan Engine kit. is really proud to sell models meant to celebrate TOYAN on their 5th anniversary – they represent the internal workings of the iconic engine perfectly. a movable carburettor framework, a movable start point flywheel, a high-effectiveness cooling fan and a middle camshaft configuration would make the motor notably minimized.

If you need to produce high-exactness components, using an XNC tool for fabrication can assure efficiency, accuracy, and power. It also minimizes downtime and produces higher quality work. The TOYAN RC ENGINE is an all metal performer with a CNC aluminum body, a steel driving rod, and aluminium cylinder rings. There is just enough variety to maintain your interest throughout the experience. CNC provides an over 200 section catalogue with beautiful art, showcasing the amazing motor models they sell.

Our Toyan engine kit with its assembling time of 3.5 hours will provide you with the necessary time to explore our engine in more detail. Unsafe The substance used in the kits includes 20% castor oil, 5-30% nitro-methane & most of it is methanol. 20-25% of the methanol substance can also be used as fuel. You can also purchase a separate model of methanol from our store.

Toyan engine kits are designed for use on various different scales of model vehicles. They’re also suitable for boat models. Moreover, they can be used as teaching aids in schools for study corridor displays & educational demonstrations. They make ideal gifts too, especially if you’re buying them for those who like building model engines.

Toyan RC Engine

These TOYAN RC Engine models and parts represent a high level of workmanship, sensitive to the touch and with a smooth finish. The air within the engine is all high-quality. Air cooled engines can be bolted to the base and not have any issues after sitting for a long time, they produce a lot of torque and power and do not vibrate significantly.

The intricate mechanical structure of this Toyan RC engine is introduced, as the unmistakable flywheel and transmission are clear to see. Stella’s dedication to quality is exemplary. The mechanical structure is also groundbreaking with the help of its seamless design. When you look at the example set by modern science, there isn’t anything more exemplary in its divergence from past thinking on how creativity occurs.

The Toyan RC engine and its parts can be used as the power source for 1:10, 1:12 or 1:14 fuselages. With a special viewpoint burning chamber plan, it’s not only useful in scientific testing and instruction. You can also use this for exhibitions and more. Be sure to use it in more applications that come up!

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