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Size: L * W * H (205X105X102) mm, flywheel diameter 65mm (front-end design pulley), boiler diameter 53mm, length 86mm
Weight: 0.91 kg (net weight)
Material: bottom with Bakelite manufacturing, surface paint, as brass cylinder and piston. Flywheel pulley
Boiler bracket for the aluminum material, the surface after oxidation treatment, long-term does not change color. Axle joints miniature bearings.
The machine adopts large capacity boiler design, with dual alcohol lamp, a water work for 15 minutes or more. The top of the boiler with a safety valve to ensure your safety.
Steam channel one-piece design, safe and sustainable.
Send dual alcohol lamp

Weight 1.500 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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stirling steam engine model




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Stirling Steam Engine Mini Model Physics...

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Stirling Steam Engine Mini Model Physics...