Tesla Coil Music Ion Windmill Wreath Wireless Transmission Station

1:white finished product + power supply

2:gold finished products + power supply

3:white acrylic shell finished products

4:gold acrylic shell finished products

Note: the power supply is US standard

Product introduction

This is a small Tesla coil, Tesla coil can produce a high-frequency high-voltage alternating current, and through the discharge end of the arc, but also produce electromagnetic waves. High frequency and high voltage electromagnetic wave signals can ignite some gas containing lights and let the lights shine.Septum lamp. And this Tesla coil has audio modulation in the circuit, so when a musical signal is input, the arc makes a musical sound and becomes one.Plasma loudspeaker. The top of the coil is designed to replace different discharge terminals.Ion windmill ion wreathThe effect. And when the discharge end is replaced by an antenna, the Tesla coil can become a good one.Wireless transmissionLaunch tower, and become a small power.Medium wave radio stationThis is due to the proper setting of product parameters. (Wireless transmission is the receiving coil that receives electromagnetic waves and then converts high-frequency alternating current into available direct current for use in electronic devices.)

Product usage and function introduction: https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzgwMDM4NjAxNg==.html?spm=a2h3j.8428770.3416059.1

Product delivery:

Choice Loose parts+Power Supply Deliver goods:Tesla coil element material set.One power supply.A set of accessories.

Choice finished product+Power Supply Deliver goods:Tesla coil finished one.One power supply and one set of accessories.

ChoiceAcrylic shellDeliver goods:With acrylic shell, Tesla coil finished one, one power supply and one set of accessories.

(accessories include:One audio line, one discharge pin, one ion windmill, one ion wreath, and 3 neon lights.)

Security warning!!

The arc spark produced at the top of Tesla coil is a high-pressure plasma, which has some properties of combustible materials. When used, it should avoid inflammable and explosive materials. During operation, the arc and coil can not be touched, and it will be burned and hurt. Keep away from equipment sensitive to electromagnetic interference. In the process of use, please keep safety awareness, for example, do not operate in unmanned conditions!!!

Declaration of parts:

1: production of spare parts for this productIt is difficult.There are certain requirements for the knowledge and experience of electronic production and production tools.

2:The material and finished products of the loose parts are exactly the same, ensuring the quality and integrity.Assist diagnosisProblem, butNo warranty!

3:Before buying spare partsIt is recommended to download the production tutorial first.Then decide whether to purchase the spare parts and make it yourself.

(tutorial download address:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1nJYu5ZtAF5_4zH6ome7vKw)

Product characteristics:

1:protectAudio input device (If there is no protection circuit, Such products are very easy to cause electronic equipment failure and even damage. For example, mobile phones, light touch screen failure, heavy crash.)

2:excellentSound quality playing(Play music as a highlight of this product, in the development of the circuit to carry out a lot of component parameters optimization experiments to ensure that there is an excellent effect. In actual use, because of different cell phones or audio sources, the volume size may vary.

3:Strict production technology(Secondary coil usageEpoxy coatingIt is more durable and beautiful.Using high qualityPCBThe boards, and the carefully selected power tubes, are constantly moving from the details.Improve product process and quality

4:Original structure and multi-function(coil part removable)The top can be replaced with different accessories to achieve multiple functions of the ion wreath wireless transmission radio station for the music ion windmill.CPURadiator as a base, has a strong cooling capacity, to ensure the reliability of long-term work.

5:Beautiful appearance(Appearance is also the core of this product, in addition to the functional value of the product, it also has ornamental value as a pendulum handicraft.

Product picture:

Ionic rosette


Play music

Septum lamp

Appearance of finished products

Acrylic shellfinished productparagraph

Other pictures


Weight 0.800 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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    Come well pack and working well too.

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    Very nice quality
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    Excellent article. I recommend this shop.

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    Tesla coil arrived undamaged! high quality and well built. This coil is lots of fun and entertaining the kids love to watch the windmill. Playing music is a bit tricky and not really loud but it’s very cool none-the-less.
    High praise for the seller well done!

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Tesla Coil Music Ion Windmill Wreath Wireless...

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