Diameter: 8.0 * 24.0mm

About shipping times and logistics:

Our shopPlease do not rush the delivery according to the order.~

Express priority Shunfeng, receive disdelivery must be opened after the package check to confirm no problem and then sign off, sign and I sign as valid. If there is damage please return to the courier brother Oh~.

About After-Sales

Attention should be paid to the buyers of this product. This product requires strong hands-on ability. Xiao Bai takes care of it. The manufacturer does not provide technical support and repair. The official search for WeChat is public.:Tuyang Precision) has user manuals and other information for reference. In addition, professional forums have professional tutorials to refer to.

Once the product is sold, it will not be returned if there is no quality problem. (the novice who cares should take photos carefully.).

Our products have far exceeded the quality of similar products, but the appearance requirements are extremely accurate, small color difference requirements please be careful to shoot.

If the goods need to be returned or exchanged due to product quality problems, please sign on48Contact customer service every hour.

Accessories, please confirm whether it meets the specifications and other elements, once the order will not be returned.

Our shop has no after-sales service yo before the purchase can consult customer service Meimei Oh

Pre-sale items:


The delivery time given by customer service is for informational purposes only and will be shipped according to the actual delivery date.

Deposit standard:200element/Taiwan. Please be patient and wait for the photo to be taken. Please be careful if you mind.

In case of prepayment or full payment, all terms of the store will be accepted by default. Please take pictures carefully if you mind.

Please confirm and take again. Once taken, there is no refund, please forgive me!

Excess weight, distribution link:

Universal link Network order exception Postage Supplement

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 54 × 54 × 54 cm


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TOYAN engine parts: main oil needle holder

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TOYAN engine parts: main oil needle holder